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Application of steel products in the construction industry

Application of steel products in the construction industry

For buildings

Structural Sections: These sections provide the building with a strong, rigid frame and account for 25% of the steel used in the building.

Reinforcement: Reinforcement increases the tensile strength and stiffness of concrete by 44% of the steel used in station construction. The reason for using steel is that it adheres well to concrete, has a similar coefficient of thermal expansion, and is strong and relatively cost-effective. Reinforced concrete is also used to provide deep foundations and is currently the main building material in the world.

Panel Products: 31% of steel is used in panel products such as roofs, purlins, interior walls, ceilings, cladding, and exterior wall insulation.

Nonstructural Steel: Steel is also used in many nonstructural applications in buildings, such as heating and cooling equipment and internal plumbing.

Internal fixtures and fittings: such as railings, shelves, and stairs are also made of steel.

For infrastructure

Transportation Network: The construction of buildings such as bridges, tunnels, railways, gas stations, railway stations, ports, and airports requires steel. In this application, approximately 60% of the steel is used as reinforcement, with the remainder being profiles, plates, and rails.

Utilities (Fuel, Water, Electricity): Over 50% of the steel used in this application is used in underground plumbing for the distribution of water to and from the house, and the distribution of gas. The rest are mainly rebars for power stations and pump houses.

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