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Application of steel products in the energy industry

Application of steel products in the energy industry

Steel is used in all areas of renewable energy

Biomass: steel is used extensively in agriculture.

Solar: steel plays a key role in converting solar energy into electricity or hot water. It is used as a base for solar thermal panels and in pumps, tanks, and heat exchangers.

Wave and tidal: a steel pile is the main component of a tidal turbine in tidal energy systems. Steel is also used to fabricate wave energy devices. The steel used is formulated to withstand the challenges of the marine environment.

Hydroelectric: steel is needed to reinforce concrete dams.

Wind: steel is the main material used in onshore and offshore wind turbines. Almost every component of a wind turbine is made of steel, from the foundation to the tower, gears, and casings (see Steel Solutions in the Green Economy: Wind turbines). Steel provides the strength for taller, more efficient wind turbines.

Steel is used in nuclear and fossil fuel-based energy

Mining equipment

Offshore oil platforms

Equipment for oil and gas extraction and production

Pipelines for the distribution of natural gas and oil

Storage tanks

Power plants

Steel is used for the production and distribution of electricity

Transformers (magnetic steel core)

Generators and electric motors

Power distribution pylons and steel-reinforced cables

Steel is used for energy transport and distribution

Ships, trucks, and trains used to transport fuel

Transport networks: steel is required for bridges, tunnels, rail tracks, and in construction buildings such as fueling stations, train stations, ports, and airports.